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L’area di studio comprende il Ponente ligure (vedere mappa sotto) e si
estende dal confine italo-francese ad ovest (43°47’06″N, 7°31’44″E), fino a
Capo Noli nella parte est (44°11’53″N, 8°25’30″E), e fino ad una profondità di
400-500 m.
Area di studio

The study area is located in the Ligurian Sea, a basin that shows very particular features, especially in its western part where it reaches remarkable depths very close to the shore.
In Liguria, the continental shelf, which by definition extends from the shore to 200m deep, is little expanded and in few nautical miles you can reach more than 2500 meters in depth. The continental slope is full of submarine canyons in all the area. Other important oceanographic and climate parameters contribute to make this area unique for marine life.